Romac Shades Services

Services and Maintenance

At Romac Shades we can help you with:

  • Shade Planning & Design
    Engineer Certification & Insurances.
    Shade Projections for anytime of the day on any day of the year.
    Supply and Installation.
    Shade Sails.
    Hip, Cantilever, & Custom Designed Structures.
    Galvanized and Powder Coated Steel.
    Commercial Grade Cloths, Waterproof Cloths.
    Stainless Steel Fitting
    D.I.Y. Shade Kits
    Maintenance Programs
    Worksafe Certified Compliance Inspections

Shade Planning and Design

There are a wide range of issues to be considered when planning or designing a shade solution to a particular area.

Site specific considerations.

Every site has different shade planning and design issues which need to be considered. For example, designing shade at a school for over play equipment is very different from shade over a swimming pool.

Site usage patterns.

.Climate and seasonal conditions.

UV radiation protection level

Plotting shade outcomes.


Engineer Certification and Insurances.


Work Safe Compliance Inspections

OH&S Compliance Inspections,
Reports & Engineering.

 Play Grounds and Play Ground Equipment
Shade Sails
          Basketball Rings & Backboards
Rebound walls

Inspections comprised of
Site visit
Copy of report including photos,
hazard identification, action to be taken and urgency
Engineers letter

Shade Sail Maintenance & Repairs

After a few short years of service, your Shade Sail will be showing signs of wear and tear. Certainly mildew, dust, road grime and/or stains from trees will be contaminating your sail. Also, in the case of public areas vandalism can be an issue. UV damage to the thread is inevitable and your sail may need a restitch, however, the PTFE threads we use now have a life of cloth warranty. 
Your posts and fixings will also need some minor attention and cleaning at this time.
Repairs Include,      

Re-sewing & Patching
Shade Sail Replacement
Replacement, Repairs & Re- strengthening of  Fixing Points
Posts Cables & Sail Hardware
Insurance Quotes


General & Seasonal Maintenance

Romac Shades Maintenance & Repairs Services include:-

General maintenance

  • Shade Sail Cleaning
  • Post and Roof Point Cleaning
  • Sail Re-tensioning,
  • Shade Sail Safety Inspections
  • Engineer Certified OH&S Inspections (School Compliance Inspections)
  • Rust-Clean and Paint.
  • Sail Sagging and Re-tension
  • Replacement

Seasonal maintenance
Maintenance- Removal of Shade Sails- Extends shade sail life up to 5 years.

  • Allows heat onto walls and windows which reduces heating costs.
  • Prevents moss, mould and lichen build up in winter sheltered areas.
  • Eliminates shade sail damage from winter storms or hail.
  • Allows for thorough inspection of all attachment points and correct tensioning.

Engineer Certification and Insurances

Engineer certification of design of all Sails, Structures & Umbrellas is available upon request before commencement of any works.

Certificate of currency available upon request- Public Liability $20,000,000

Product Liability $20,000,000

WorkCover Insurance



During extreme weather conditions, such as harsh winds and storms it is highly advisable to take down that shade sail for the duration of the destructive weather to prevent damage from occurring.